Unlocking best value through collaboration™ 


Real expertise, practical support and sustainable results 
Achieve your business objectives, with expert consultancy support from a team of experienced, MCIPS qualified procurement practitioners. 
Providing a full range of bespoke procurement consultancy services, our team has an excellent track record in delivering sustainable cost savings for successful businesses across a range of industries and categories. 
You will benefit from: 
Procurement professionals with extensive real world experience 
The latest, best practice procurement tools, techniques and processes 
A bespoke service focused on your procurement needs and wider business goals 

 Business Needs Analysis 

 Cost Structure Optimisation 

 Contract Negotiation 

 Spend Analysis 

 Supply Network Optimisation 

 Risk Management 

 Opportunity Assessment 

 Strategic Sourcing & Category Management 

 Strategy Development & Deployment 

Business needs analysis
Business Needs Analysis 
Make better business decisions 
Get a clear picture over your entire organisation and align your goals, with business needs analysis from Gateway. 
Talking to you, listening to key stakeholders and thoroughly analysing the data, we will identify where you are, what is working and what needs to be improved across your organisation, so you can drive your business forward. 
• Get an objective view of your business as a whole 
• Understand and align the goals of different departments 
• Identify problems and opportunities 
• Develop an informed procurement strategy 
Ultimately, we will provide you with all the information you need to improve procurement. 
Spend analytics
Spend Analysis 
Visibility = better performance 
Get a clear, accurate view about what you’re spending and where you’re spending it. 
Thoroughly examining spend across your organisation, we will: 
• Identify top spend areas 
• Uncover uncontrolled spend 
• Define managed and unmanaged spend 
• Highlight trends 
At the end of the process, you will know exactly where you can improve, drive efficiencies and unlock value by optimising your spend. 
Procurement opportunity assessment
Opportunity Assessment 
Assess to improve 
Identify the key areas where you can improve procurement. 
Looking at every aspect of your organisation, we identify exactly how you can drive efficiencies in terms of cost, processes and systems. 
We achieve this through: 
• Spend review 
• Procurement process review 
• Procurement maturity review 
• Skills & systems assessment 
This isn’t just about cutting cost. You will gain understanding of where you can drive improvements and unlock cashable and non-cashable benefits across your organisation. 
Cost reduction analysis
Cost Structure Optimisation 
Cost Savings – The Right Way 
Sustainably reduce your business costs without impacting on business performance. 
Looking at the bigger picture, we take a collaborative, whole life costing approach. This means looking at your goals, and working with all your key stakeholders to deliver measurable, significant savings that benefit your business. 
We achieve this through: 
• Spend analysis to understand trends 
• Specification review 
• Consolidation/ aggregation 
• Standardisation 
Our service is based on results – achieving a competitive cost base through structured, agreed cost savings. 
Supply base rationalisation
Supply Network Optimisation 
Right relationships = Better outcomes 
Build better relationships with the right suppliers. 
Structuring your supply network for the benefit of your business, we will ensure you have the right relationships with the suppliers you need to deliver on your commercial objectives. 
We take a holistic view – examining and optimising supplier relationships to: 
• Maximise leverage 
• Reduce transaction costs 
• Improve access to innovation 
• Reduce risk 
• Improve supplier relationships 
The result is a supply network that works for your business. 
Procurement capability assessment and transformation
Contract Negotiation 
Maximise value from your relationships 
Get the right results from all your business negotiations, with expert support from Gateway. 
Our specialist team of negotiators has an excellent track record in achieving objectives across a full range of commercial negotiations. Taking a flexible approach based on your position and relationship, we will: 
• Deliver better prices and terms 
• Define price management mechanisms 
• Resolve performance issues 
• Drive ongoing supplier innovation 
Working with you to define negotiating variables, approach and a BATNA position, we’ll go out and get the job done. 
Supply chain risk management
Risk Management 
Reduce business uncertainties 
Identify, assess and mitigate risks throughout your supply chain. 
There is risk in every supply chain – we help to manage and reduce it. Taking a proactive approach, we identify the likelihood and impact of risk – mitigating it before it becomes a problem. 
We’ll produce a comprehensive report, covering: 
• Risk mapping 
• Business continuity planning 
• Supplier management 
• Governance processes 
The result is a more secure, sustainable and robust supply chain that your business can rely on. 
Strategic sourcing and category management
Strategic Sourcing & 
Category Management 
A long term view 
Increase the value of procurement across your organisation, through strategic sourcing and effective category management. 
We define categories and implement effective management strategies – from initial segmentation, development and deployment, to ongoing improvement. 
Your business will benefit from: 
• Spend reduction 
• Improved supplier relationships 
• Increased innovation 
• Enhanced CSR 
• Effective risk management 
The ultimate goal is to ensure all your third party spend is underpinned by an effective sourcing strategy. 
Procurement strategy
Strategy Development & Deployment 
Procurement with purpose 
Ensure that procurement works towards your wider business objectives, with strategy development and deployment support from Gateway. 
We develop and implement appropriate, effective supply chain strategies that deliver: 
• Sustainable value 
• Competitive advantage 
• Process & systems improvement 
The result is a procurement strategy that aligns with your overarching business strategy – so that everyone is working towards the same goals. 

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